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...and more Hills

Hill Family Lineage

John Hill, b. About 1554, England; Married 18 October 1574, Oxford, England; Spouse: Agnes Jaruishe, b. ~ 1558, England

        Child: John Hill, b. ~ 1574, London, England



John Hill, b. ~ 1574, London, England; Spouse: Anne Marshall, b. 1579, London, England

        Child:  Richard Hill, b. 1604, London, England



Richard Hill, b. 1604, London, England; Christened: 19 November 1605, London, England; d. 8 January 1658/9, London, England; Married: ~ 1629, Spouse: Agnes Hill, b. ~ 1608, London, England, d. 7 March 1659


1.       Thomas Hill, b. 1632, London, England; d. 1719

2.       Ann Hill, b. 1630, London, England

                  Married 1st Matthew Noise on 4 January 1651

                  Married 2nd Homer Van Turner

3.       Richard Hill, b. 14 September 1634

                  Married Milcah Hill, b. ~ 1636, London, England

                  Child: Richard Hill, b. 5 October 1659, Maryland

4.       Abraham Hill, b. 16 June 1635, Married 1st Elizabeth Hill, b. ~ 1668, PA


                         a. Isaac Hill, b. 1692, London, England

                         b. Hugh Hill, b. 1694, London, England

                         c. Elizabeth Hill, b. ~ 1696, London, England

                         d. Richard Hill, b. ~ 1698, London, England

                  Married 2nd Anne Whiltock, b. ~ 1635

                  Married 3rd Elizabeth Pratt, b. ~ 1635

5.       Henry Hill, b. 18 February 1637; d. 25 April 1638, London, England

6.       William Hill, b. 21 July 1639

7.       Peter Hill, b. 1641

8.       Sarah Hill, b. 20 November 1643; d. 1665, London, England

9.       Samuel Hill, b. 3 June 1646



Thomas Hill, b. 1632, London, England; Died 1719; Note: Immigrated to America (Virginia); Spouse:  Mary Marshall, b. ~ 1638, Nansemond, VA


1.       Henry Hill, b. ~ 1670, Nansemond, VA

2.       Isaac Hill, b. ~ 1672

3.       Thomas Hill, b. ~ 1674

4.       Robert Hill, b. ~ 1676



Henry Hill, b. ~ 1670, Nansemond, VA; Died 21 February 1739, Anne Arundel Co. MD

Married 1st - 16 November 1697; Spouse:  Mary Denwood, b. 2 May 1677


1.       Abraham Hill Sr., b. ~ 1698, Nansemond, VA

2.       Priscilla Hill, b. 9 May 1718; Married 10 February 1734, Spouse: Caleb Dorsey, b. 18 July 1719, MD


                            a. Priscilla Dorsey, b. 12 July 1762

                            b. Henry Hill Dorsey, b. 3 March 1735/6

                            c. Samuel Dorsey, b. 7 December 1741

                            d. Milcah Dorsey, b. 30 March 1747

                            e. Eleanor Dorsey, b. 28 December 1749

                            f. Margaret Hill Dorsey, b. 20 June 1752

                            g. Rebecca Dorsey, b. 8 June 1739

                            h. Edward Hill Dorsey, b. 2 September 1758

                            i.  Mary Dorsey, b. 9 June 1744

3.       Benjamin Hill, b. ~ 1699

4.       William Hill, b. ~ 1701

5.       Green Hill, b. 1714

         Married 2nd- 4 Nov 1738, Anne Arundel Co. MD, Spouse: Sarah Smith, b. 1672



Abraham Hill, Sr., b. ~ 1698; Died between 1760-1769 in Chowan Co. NC; M. Before 1730 to Judith Hinton, b. 1705, Nansemond Co. VA, d. 1760, Chowan Co. NC


1.       Isaac Hill Sr., b. 22 July 1748, Edgecombe Co. NC; m. Lucinda Wallace


ISAAC HILL, SR. was born July 22, 1748, possibly, in St. Mary's, Charles Co., MD or Bertie Co., NC. He was a drummer in the 3rd Maryland Regiment in the American Revolutionary War. He was reputedly paid (possibly by land) for service in the war in 1784 at Martin Co., NC. Between May 26, 1800 and 1804 he served as Sheriff of Edgecombe Co., NC. He lived after 1804 in Hancock Co., GA.
Later Isaac and family moved to Jasper Co., GA, then to an area later named Hillsboro, GA after his family, and finally to the Cumberland Mountains in TN; married LUCINDA WALLACE, (believed to be originally from Scotland or Welsh/Irish descent) in Martin Co, NC in 1772 and had fourteen children. Lucinda "Lucy" Wallace, born 1746 St. Mary's Co., MD, was the daughter of Adam Wallace and an unknown mother. Lucinda died Sept. 23, 1798 in NC. Isaac married second, Lydia White Jones Hill, born 1759 Anson Co., NC, the widow of Hugh Jones and William Hill respectively, around 1810 in Hancock Co., GA; Lydia brought two daughters by Wm. Hill to the union, Eliza b. 1801, and Louvisa b. 1802.

Isaac and his sons were well respected in the community and were said to command respect when they entered a room.  They were leaders in the community and government affairs and were, by faith, traditionally Methodists.

Isaac died July 29, 1825 at Warren Co., TN, at age 77. Sometime after Isaac's death, Lydia returned to GA where she died June 12, 1838. 
Isaac is buried on Cumberland Plateau, Warren Co., TN and his marked grave is in the forest near his home/stagecoach inn (Old Hill Tavern on Hill's Trace) and orchards. He moved to TN after his son Henry J.A. Hill. He lived in the valley near Hill's Creek, later moving to the Cumberland Plateau. It is said he took older slaves and Indians so they might "retire." He produced fruit, brandy, and butter to be sold in the town of McMinnville, Warren Co., TN.  He ran a stagecoach inn on Hills Old Trace where travelers going westward often stopped for food and rest.

Note: Isaac Hill is listed on the 1790 Census for Martin County, Halifax District, NC

Note: Isaac Hill is listed on page 15 of the 1820 census for Warren County TN. 

Note: The 1836 Warren County Tax List shows he owned 246 acres of land and 6 slaves. 

Note: The 1854 Tax List shows he had 455 acres and 6 slaves.

 (I want to thank Jackie Hill Bowers for the invaluable information on the Isaac Hill Family.)


HENRY JOHN ALEXANDER HILL, born February 7, 1774 at Near The Tar River, Edgecombe Co., NC; married Susannah Swales January 6, 1796 in Edgecombe Co., NC. Susannah was the widow of Sterling Savage and had one daughter, Brittania Savage. She also had two stepsons, Jesse and Sterling Savage, who went with her and Henry J.A. Hill from NC to TN. Two other stepchildren, Loveless and Elizabeth Savage, died young. Henry and Susannah had seven children, Ervin (b. 17 July 1796), Isaac (b. ~ 1798, NC), Asa, Jesse P., Melchesedec, Lucinda, and Hugh Lawson White Hill.  Henry (often called "Harry") led a party of 30 men into the TN wilderness to reconnoiter land on which to settle. Some of this land was obtained through land grants from the state of NC, since what came to be called the state of TN was at one time part of NC. Henry's land was located in what came to be known as Hill's Creek. He was a natural leader and was elected in 1807 to three consecutive terms to the TN House of Representatives.  Henry, while still married to Susannah, met Polly Johnston sometime around 1808 and six children were born to them; Harriett, Sally, George Washington, Andrew Jackson (b. 25 April 1816), William Carroll, and Elenza Grundy Hill. It was apparently well known that Henry and Polly had a long-term extramarital affair that resulted in their six children. It is said that Polly was a friend of Susannah's and had been persuaded to come to TN with the Hills. She was sixteen at the time.  Polly was born Jan. 19, 1787 and was 13 yrs younger than Henry and 20 yrs younger than Susannah. The two families of Henry J.A. Hill lived next door to each other and children by both women were entered into the family Bible.   *Note of interest on Henry J. A. Hill; He was walking on boards over a hot tar pit as a teenager when a board broke, causing one leg and foot to be severely burned. His leg was left twisted and scarred for life and finally in his later years, in 1825, it was amputated. He died nine days later, July 30, 1825, at the age of 51. He is buried in Center Hill Cemetery. His wife Susannah is buried beside him, and his paramour, Polly Johnston, is buried at the foot of his grave. Nothing is known of Polly's background, parents, or place of birth.

JOHN HILL, born April 30, 1785 in Edgecombe Co., NC; Remained in Georgia when other family members moved on to Tennessee and Texas. He married Sarah Elizabeth Parham (daughter of Stith Parham and Elizabeth Ingram) November 27, 1806 in Hillsboro, Jasper Co., GA and had nine children; Allen C., James Madison, William Pinckney, Isaac Lafayette, Mary Ann Parham, Elizabeth P., John Stith, Martha Rebecca and Benjamin Harvey Hill. Isaac Lafayette (1814-1889) was in the Battle of San Jacinto and joined the Texas Volunteers. Later Isaac Lafayette was with the Round Top Guerrillas Volunteer Cavalry and became a planter and slave owner in Fayette Co., Texas. John's other son was Georgia State Senator  Benjamin Harrison Hill, a gentleman of some fame during and after the Civil War. John Hill died July 20, 1848 in Long Cane, Troup Co., GA. He and his wife, along with 11 other family members, are interred on his property in the Hill Cemetery, Long Cane, Troup Co., GA. An elderly great aunt, Mary Ingram Tucker, (aunt of Sarah Parham Hill) also lived in a small house on the John Hill property, and contributed money toward the education of Benjamin Harvey Hill, son of John Hill and Sarah Parham.

WHITMEL HILL, born in 1789 in NC and died 1828, Warren County, TN; his first wife's name is unknown. He had two sons with her, Allen Hill and William B. Hill. What became of his first wife is also unknown. He secondly married Elizabeth Foreman Pace (daughter of Isaac Foreman) Dec. 8, 1812. She was the widow of Silas Pace, Jr. and brought five children to the marriage. She and Whitmel had one son, James Harrison Hill b. Sept. 25, 1813. An item of note, published in "The Georgia Journal", Milledgeville, GA in 1813: "My wife has left me without cause, I will not be responsible for debts other than my own." Apparently the marriage was not altogether a happy one since she left him a year after their marriage.  Whitmel and Elizabeth also made a deed of gift to "Beloved son James Harrison Hill, minor, born Sept. 13, 1813, a negro girl about 14 years old named Cleo." Test: John Hill, Justice of the Peace; Hunting Williams, Justice of the Peace.  Whitmel married Biddie Christian after 1816, and they had seven children: Sarah, Elizabeth, Isaac Lafayette, John, Jasper, Martha, and Permetta.
Note: Whitmel Hill is listed on the 1790 Census for Martin County, NC.

WRIGHT HILL; born Oct. 16, 1782 NC. He was in Warren Co., TN in 1815 (deed of 80 acres west side of Collins River). His first wife is unknown, but he is believed by some researchers to have had one son with her, William Chapman Hill. The circumstances and place of his first wife's death are also unclear. His second wife was Frances Christian born Dec. 6, 1795, VA. They married about 1818 and moved that same Spring to Moberly, Randolph Co., MO. Wright is found listed on tax lists, land records, and census records from the 1820's through the 1840's in the counties of Chariton, Henry, and St. Clair, MO. He had a horse mill in 1837 said to be patronized far and near. He and Frances had a large family: Emily, Elizabeth, Almoran, Sarah, Lucinda, Henry, Mary Ellen, Louisa, James Napolean B., Frances W., Ryland. Wright died April 16, 1848 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., MO. Frances died Feb. 20, 1872 in St. Clair Co., MO. Both are buried in Roscoe Cemetery.  One son, Almoran Hill, was one of the pioneers who settled in Oregon in 1843, going across the plains by oxen with his wife Sarah Jane Reed. In "The History of Oregon", it states that, "... he was born in MO, the third child and eldest son of Wright Hill and Frances Christian, who had moved to St. Clair, MO in 1836."

ISAAC HILL JR was born about 1781 or 1782. Isaac Jr. was said to have become a very wealthy man, and owned most of three counties in GA. He became a General, also lived in Alabama where he met and married Angeline Penelope Clark, the daughter of Eli Clark of Russell Co., AL. Isaac Jr., died in 1809 at the age of 27 in Hillsboro, GA before his son, Isaac Hill III was born that same year. He and his wife, Penelope, also had daughters, Polly, Lucinda, Susanna and Martha.  His son, Isaac III, was born in Auburn, AL (1809 - 1886) and was one of the original founders of Auburn University, then known as East Alabama Mens College in 1857. His name appears on the charter minute meetings where he also served as Treasurer. Isaac III had at least one child, Isaac William Hill, b. July 25, 1861, with his second wife, Harriet Elizabeth Holt; Isaac Wm. was head of education in Alabama for twelve years and served on the Board of Auburn University from 1902 - 1906. His first wife was Lucy Harris whom he married in 1826 Twiggs Co., GA. Lucy died April 1, 1860 AL and they had no children.

LAWRENCE HILL, b. about 1782, NC; d. 1819 in Monticello, Jasper Co., GA. married BETSY GOODWIN, March 7, 1811 in Monticello, Jasper Co., GA. Little is known of his life or children.

ASA HILL, (Please note that Asa is often confused with Abraham Webb Hill, a different Hill in Texas during the same timeframe.) Asa was born 1784, Edgecombe Co., NC; married ELIZABETH BARKSDALE, daughter of Jeffery (who was in the Revolutionary War) and Phebe Barksdale, October 6, 1808 at Sparta, Hancock Co., GA; Lived in Jasper Co., Hancock Co., & Muscogee Co., GA before 1834. He traveled to TX about 1834 with his son, Wm. C.A.J. Hill and nephew, Isaac Lafayette Hill, moving his family to TX in 1835, settling in Washington Co., and later Fayette Co., TX. He joined the Texas Army in 1836.  After the burning of Gonzales, Gen. Sam Houston ordered him to travel east to warn those in the path of the approaching Mexican Army, and consequently Asa did not serve at the battle of San Jacinto. In 1839, he settled in Rutersville, Fayette Co., TX. He was part of the Somervell Expedition and the Mier Expedition. He was captured along with two of his sons, Jeffrey Barksdale and John C.C. Hill and was part of the "Black Bean Episode", where he drew a white bean and was spared execution by the Mexicans. He was released in 1843, but was weakened from the experience. He died July 18, 1844, Rutersville, Fayette Co., TX. His remains were removed from their original Cedar Creek site in 1973 and reinterred in the old City Cemetery at La Grange. After Asa died, Elizabeth married longtime friend and neighbor, Alexander Thomson, Jr., May 28, 1850, Fayette Co., TX. Elizabeth was born Jan. 3, 1795, Troup Co., GA and died Jan. 23, 1883, Waelder, TX and is interred in the Waelder Cemetery. 

BENJAMIN HILL, born 1783 at Granville Co., NC; married Rebecca Wallace, born 1783 SC, about 1802 in Warren Co., TN. They had eight children; Henry John Alexander, Lucinda, Martha, Polly, Wallace, Isaac III, and Ashley (male). They were divorced before 1850. Rebecca went to Robertson Co., TX with their son Henry John Alexander Hill (named for his uncle). Benjamin, age 67, was living in the same household as Jackson Riley according to the 1850 census, Warren Co., TN.  A grandson of Benjamin and Rebecca's, son of Isaac III & his wife Frances Pickett, was Benjamin Jefferson Hill, who became a Brigadier General in the Civil War serving the Confederacy as leader of the Thirty-Fifth Regiment Tennessee Volunteers,  later known as the Fifth Tennessee. (His portrait hangs in the Magness Library in McMinnville, TN) General B. J. Hill married Mary V. Smartt and both are interred in the old town cemetery in McMinnville, TN.  Note of interest: Published in The Central Gazette, McMinnville, Warren Co., TN, September 21, 1840: "Notice - I forewarn all persons from trading or crediting my wife Rebecca Hill, on my account as I will not pay any of her contracts. Benjamin Hill."

ALLEN HILL, born November 27, 1792 in Windsor Town, Bertie Co., NC; His first wife was Anna Parham, (daughter of Stith Parham and Elizabeth Ingram Parham and sister to Sarah Parham who married Allen's brother, John J.) Allen and Anna married in 1811 in Jasper Co., GA. They had eleven children; Caroline, Lucinda, Milton, Elizabeth, Augustus, Hertentious, Ceylon S., Laurence, Adonis "Alonzo", Martha Adelaide, and Anna Alsena.  Allen Hill was a Baptist minister. He moved his family from GA to Somerville, TN about 1816, and a year later to Maury Co., TN. His ministerial credentials were recorded in Maury Co., November 20, 1819 and he was pastor of the Baptist Church of Christ on Fountain Creek. In 1830 he was pastor of Pigeon Ford Creek Baptist Church in Giles Co. In 1843 he went south for health reasons to Monroe Co., MS. He was ordained for that state May 3, 1843. In 1847 he was pastor of the Baptist Church of Christ in New Hope, Chickasaw Co., MS. He is listed on the 1850 Census there. His wife (Anna) died there about 1851. He married his second wife, Hepsinda Prewitt Bailey, in Chickasaw County, MS and moved to Clark, Co., AR where his oldest son, Milton, and family had settled before 1850. Allen and Hepsiba show up on the 1860 and 1870 Censuses for Clark County, AR.  During the Civil War, Allen was appointed Commissioner for Volunteer Families in Southfork Township to assist needy and destitute families.  Allen was a staunch Democrat. He died January 4, 1874 in Dobeyville, Clark Co., AR, and he and his wife, Hepsinda, are buried on his farm there.

MARTHA HILL was born 1779 in NC; she married David Morgan. One daughter, Elenor Morgan, married her first cousin, Ervin Hill, the son of her mother's brother, Henry J. A. Hill.

ELIZABETH HILL was born after 1772 in NC; she was the third wife of Mitchell Watkins who fought in the Revolutionary War; she died before 1850. She had five children; Mitchell Watkins, Jr., b. Feb. 17, 1804, Isaac H. Watson, Lucinda, Sindrilla, and Phonetta.

LUCINDA "LUCY" HILL, born July 6, 1778; married Ethelred May after 1790; died circa 1858.

MARY ANN HILL, born 1775, NC; married Thomas Webb.

SARAH HILL, born after 1797 in NC; married Sylvanous Knight and died Jan. 16, 1854.

(There were no children of Isaac Hill Sr. and Lydia White)

2.       Abraham Hill Jr., b. 23 April 1732, Chowan Co. NC; m. Christian Walton (b. ~ 1739, VA) on 7 Jan 1776


                                        a. Abraham Hill, b. 14 Jan 1759, NC

                                        b. Judith Judie Hill, b. 1761, NC

                                        c. Clara Hill, b. 9 August 1763, NC

                                        d. Sarah Hill, b. 1765, NC

                                        e. Henry Hill, b. 1767, NC

                                        f. Theopolis Hill, b. 1769, NC

                                        g. Noah Hill, b. 1771, NC

                                        h. Miles Hill, b. 13 March 1774, NC

                                        i.  Wylie Hill, b. 26 December 1775, GA

                                        j.  Mary Pope Hill, b. 1777, GA

                                        k. Thomas Hill, b. 12 July 1780, GA

                                        l.  John Hill, b. 1757, NC

                              d. 4 February 1792, Oglethorpe Co. GA

3.       Henry Hill, b. ~ 1730, Nansemond Co. NC, m. Sarah Cotton (b. 1736, NC) in 1756


                                        a. Sarah Hill

                                        b. Greenberry Hill

                                        c. Mary Hill, b. 7 September 1758

                                        d. Theophilus Hill, b. 1765

                                        e. Nancy Hill, b. 1770

                                        f. John Hill, b. ~ 1776

                                        g. Abram Hill, b. 4 September 1778

                                        h. Henry Hill, b. ~ 1775, GA

                              d. 25 January 1804, Oglethorpe Co. GA

4.  Theophilus Hill, b. 1740, Chowan Co. NC, d. 1825, Oglethorpe Co. GA; m. Teresa Thomas (b. 1736, NC) on 3 Sept 1762, NC


                                        a. Christina Hill

                                        b. Ann Hill, b. 6 June 1789, NC

                                        c. Thomas Hill

                                        d. Maria Del Carmen Hill

                                        e. Maria Antonia Hill

                                        f. Isabel Hill

                                        g. Lodowick Hill, b. ~ 1765, SC

                            d. 1825, Oglethorpe Co. GA

4.       Sarah Hill, b. ~ 1734, NC, m. Jacob Hunter

                            Child: Leah Hunter, m. Seth Reddick

           5.   Mary Hill, b. 1736, NC, m. __(unknown)__

Allen Hill, b. 27 November 1792, Windsor Township, Bertie Co. NC; d. 4 January 1874, Clark County AR; Buried in Hill Cemetery, Clark County AR (on his family farm)

Occupation: Baptist Minister. His ministerial credentials were recorded in Maury Co. TN on November 20, 1819 where he pastured the Baptist Church of Christ on Fountain Creek.  In 1830, he was pastor of Pigeon Ford Creek Baptist Church in Giles Co. TN.  In 1843, he moved to Monroe County Ms, where he was ordained for that state May 3, 1843.  In 1847, he was pastor of the Baptist Church of Christ in New Hope, Chickasaw Co. MS. 

Married 1st- Anna Parham (sister to Sarah Parham who married Allens brother, John J. Hill) in 1811 in Jasper Co. GA; d. ~ 1851, Chickasaw Co. MS; Father: Stith Parham; Mother: Elizabeth Ingram


  1. Caroline Hill , b. 1813, GA
  2. Lucinda Hill, b. 1815, GA; Married John Davidson, b. 1813, TN; Children:

               a.   Samuel Davidson, b. 1850, MS

               b.   John H. Davidson, b. 1843, MS

               c.   Daniel R. Davison, b. 1848, MS

               d.   Susan K. Davidson, b. 1845, MS

    3.  Milton Olliphant Hill, Sr. b. 20 April 1816, GA; d. 15 July 1876, Pike County, AR; Buried Antoine Cemetery, Antoine, Pike County, GA; Married 1st- Dec 1837, Tennessee, Savory Ann Coffman, b. 1817, d. 1858; Listed on 1860 Census for Clark Co. AR; Children:

                           a.  Adelia Hill, b. 1840; m. J. M. Nolen

                           b.  Laura Ann Hill, b. 4 January 1841; m. W. Hardin

                           c.  Milton Olliphant Hill, Jr, b. 9 July 1843

                           d.  Sara Anna hill, b. 4 November 1847, m. O. G. Cagle

e.       Josephine Aramath Ann Hill, b. 30 November 1852;   m. A. W. Cagle on 12 Jan 1868

                           f.   Lauretta Hunter Hill, b. 1 March 1854; m. A. C. Rhodes

                           g.  Savory Ann Hill, b. 9 February 1856

     Married 2nd- 12 June 1859, Arkansas, Cynthia Ann Simpson b. 1836, GA;   Children:

                           h.  Medora Hill, b. 1867, AR

  1. Augustus T. Hill (b. 1822, Giles Co. TN)(See family sheet)

    5.   Hertentious Hill, b. 1823, Giles County, MS; Occupation: Merchant and farmer; Was first mayor of Okolona, Chickasaw County, MS; Noted on 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses Chickasaw County, MS; m. Mary A. ________, b. 1840, TN; Children:

                 a.   Mary Hill, b. 1860, MS

                 b.  Anna Hill, b. 1857, MS

                 c.   Hearn L. Hill (Harry), b. 1863, MS

                 d.   Robert Bruce Hill, b. 1866, MS

                 e.   Ada Hill, b. 1868, MS

                 f.   Daisy Hill, b. 1871, MS

                 g.   Infant Hill

    6.   Ceylon S. Hill, b. 26 Jan 1826, Maury Co. TN, d. 1 Mar 1901, Okolona, Clark Co. AR; Was Administrator of his brother, Milton's, will 18 July 1876

         Married 1st- Elvira M. Waldrip, b. 10 Jan 1830, AL; d. 31 July 1866, Clark County, AR ; m. 1851, MS

   Married 2nd- Demelsia A. _______


a.       Samuel Allen Hill (Reverend)

b.       Lorient J. Hill

c.       Estelle Francis Hill

         Married 3rd- Margaret Jo Young on 11 Aug 1875, Clark Co. AR


d.       Milton Oscar Hill

     7.    Laurence E. Hill, b. 1829, Giles County, TN; Occupation: Lawyer in Okolona MS; Noted on 1850 and 1860 Censuses,  Chickasaw County, MS; m. Martha_______, b. 1836, MS

    8.   William Adonis Alonzo Hill, b. 4 Nov 1833, Giles County, TN; d. 12 Sept 1883, Maury County, TN; Burial Old Holt Cemetery, Maury County, TN; m. 27 Jan 1865, Maury County, TN to Mary Ann Faris Dugger, b. 30 Nov 1844, TN; m. 2nd- Mary Murphy

     9.    Martha Adelaide Hill, b. 1833; m. James L. Williams; Noted on 1870, 1880, 1900 and 1910 Censuses Lauderdale County, MS; Children:

                 a.   Cleon Williams, b. 1871, MS; m. 1891 in Lauderdale, County, MS to Jennie L. _____, b. 1875, TN

                 b.   Ella Williams, b. 1858, TX; d. before 1880

   10.   Anna Alsena Hill, b. 1838; m. ______Broach; no children; Lived in Meridian Mississippi; Noted on 1910 and 1930 censuses Lauderdale County, MS

  1. Elizabeth Hill, b. 1818, TN

 Married 2nd- Hepsinda Prewitt Bailey, b. 1808, Maury County, TN; m. in 1855

Allen is buried in Clark Co. AR.  He had moved to Arkansas to be near his oldest son, Milton Olliphant Hill. Allen was a staunch Democrat.


Augustus T. Hill, b. 1822, Giles County, TN; d.     Harrisburg District (west of present Tupelo), Lee Co. MS; Occupation: farmer; Religion: Baptist; Parents: Allen and Annie Parham Hill

Married: Naomi Jane Beavers, b. 1823, Giles Co. TN; Parents:  Spencer and Martha Clack Beavers


  1. Martha Ann Hill, b. 1842, Giles Co. TN
  2. Cornelius Hill, b. 1843, Giles Co. TN
  3. Elsinora Hill, b. 1844, Giles Co. TN
  4. Jason Erastus Hill, b. 1848, Giles Co. TN
  5. Naomi M. Hill, b. 1850, Giles Co. TN
  6. Lucy C. Hill, b. 1852, Pontotoc Co. MS
  7. Augustus Israel Hill, b. 1853, Pontotoc Co. MS
  8. Malissa A. Hill, b. 1854, Pontotoc Co. MS
  9. Allen Hill, b. 1855, Pontotoc Co. MS
  10. Albert G. Hill, b. 1857, Pontotoc Co. MS
  11. Mary F. Hill, b. 1860, Pontotoc Co. MS

Augustus and family are listed on the 1850 Census for Giles County TN, but are listed on the 1860 Census for Pontotoc County MS.  In Giles County, they lived next door to Naomis mother, Martha Beavers,and William H. T. Beavers and George Rice Beavers, Naomis brothers.

By the birthplaces listed for the children, they apparently moved between 1850 and 1852.  They are listed as living in the Harrisburg District of Pontotoc County.  This is now part of Lee County and is located west of Tupelo MS, in the area of Chesterville Community.


Augustus Israel Hill, b. 17 May 1853, Pontotoc Co. MS; d. 16 Nov 1923, Lee Co. MS; Buried at Union Cemetery, Lee Co. MS; Occupation: farmer, blacksmith 

Married 1st- Marilda Calpurnia "Purnie" Egger, b. 1851; married 10 Aug 1872, Lee County, MS; d. about 1873; Buried in Nettleton- Mullins Cemetery, Nettleton, MOnroe County, MS (Grave is unmarked); Father- Jesse M. Egger; Mother- Elizabeth R. Hodges

Child:  Selon Theodore Hill (1873-1954)

Married 2nd- Martha Ann Jones, b. 26 March 1859, MS; d. 09 May 1936, buried at Union Cemetery, Lee Co. MS; Father- John Jones; Mother- Barbara Grass

Noted on 1880 Federal Census for Monroe County, MS

Noted on 1900 Federal Census, Lee County, MS, Allensburg District

Noted on 1910 Federal Census, Lee County, MS, Petersburg District, Beat 5


1. Allen Ezell Hill, b. Nov 1894, Lee County, MS; Married 6 March 1932, Lee County, MS; Spouse: Mary B. Tapp Hutchison, b. 1900, Lee County, MS

2. Mary R. Hill (Maynard), b. 3 May 1886, Lee County, MS; d. Aug 1974, Lee County, MS; m. 15 March 1919, Lee County, MS; Spouse- James L. Maynard

3. Elsie Hill (Collier) b. 9 Nov 1890, Lee County, MS; d. 27 Oct 1975, Lee County, MS; Buried Union Methodist Cemetery, Lee County, MS; m. 28 Feb 1908, Lee County, MS; Spouse- Thomas Jefferson Collier, b. 2 Aug 1883 

4. Lavada F. Hill (Peoples) b. 3 June1892, Lee County, MS; d.22 Jan 1966; buried at Union Cemetery, Lee Co. MS; m. 1st- George G. Peoples, b. 3 Mar 1884; m. 2nd William Bennett Burleson, b. 15 Nov 1885, MS

5. Ozema Hill, b. Sept 1899, MS; m. 19 Dec 1936, Lee County, MS; Spouse- David Clarence Edwards, b. 15 Mar 1882, Pontotoc County, MS

6. Emmer L. Hill (30 April 1897- 23 March 1913), buried at Union Cemetery

7. Cornelius Neely Hill, b. Oct 1884, MS (buried at Liberty Cemetery, Saltillo, MS); m. 7 June 1903, Lee County, MS; Spouse: Maggie Ridings, b. 1874, MS

8.  Barbara J. Hill, b. Dec. 1881, MS; d. 1920, Monroe County, MS; Married 31 March 1907, Lee County, MS; Spouse: Rufus Green Hathcock, b. 9 Nov 1868, Monroe County, MS


Selon Theodore Hill, b. 08 January 1875, Lee Co. MS; d. 21 June 1954, Tupelo, Lee Co. MS, Buried in Chesterville Cemetery, Lee Co. MS; Occupation: Worked at cotton compress in Tupelo

Married Mary Caroline Segars, b. 26 June 1872, in Alabama; d. 23 January 1956, Tupelo MS, Buried in Chesterville Cemetery, Lee Co. MS; Parents: Miles Walton and Nancy Anzie Jeanette Robertson Segars


  1. Phoebe Hill (Rogers, Davis), b. 1896, MS; Buried at Old Union Cemetery, near Belden, Lee County MS


    1. Marshall Rogers
    2. Marie Rogers
    3. May Rogers
    4. Harles Rogers
    5. Dewey Rogers
    6. Mary Ethel Rogers
    7. A. Jack Rogers
    8. Joyce Rogers

     2.  Ernest Walton Hill (19 March 1898- August 1975); Occupation: Salesman; Buried at Lee Memorial Park, Verona, MS; m. Annie Lou Talley (1902-1966) in 1925

      Child: Robert Lavert Skeet Hill, b. 23 August 1928

  1. Anzie Hill (Baldwin), b. 25 June 1900, Lee County, MS; d. 1992, Pontotoc Co. MS; Buried at Longview Cemetery, Pontotoc Co. MS; m. James Henry Jim Baldwin


    1. Faye Baldwin (Gentry)
    2. Joseph Theodore Baldwin
    3. James Douglas Baldwin
    4. Helen Dale Baldwin (Finney)
    5. Larry Hill Baldwin

      4.  Twin of Anzie (stillborn), b. and d. 25 June 1900, Lee County, MS; Buried at Black Zion Cemetery, Pontotoc County, MS

       5.  Marietta Hill (Mason), b. 1902, Lee County, MS; m. John Mason

          Child: Virginia Jo Mason (Benson)

6.   Louella Hill (McCaleb), b. 1910, Lee County, MS; d. 1958, Memphis, TN, Buried in Port Gibson, MS; m. James Franklin McCaleb

          Child: Louanne McCaleb

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