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Harris Lineage:


Peter Harris, Sr., b. March 1750/51, Amherst Co. VA

d. 6 Apr 1832, Grainger Co. TN

Parents: Unknown; Siblings: David, Charity (married John Brisco)

Note: Both David Harris and John Brisco are listed on Census and Tax lists for Pittsylvania County VA and Grainger County TN

NOTE:  According to records, he was living in Tennessee by 1784.  Prior to that, he was living in Pittsylvania Co. VA.

Married ~ 1771, VA to Honour________, b. ~ 1753


1.        Samuel Harris, b. 1 Aug 1773

2.        Thomas Harris, b. 13 Jan 1775

       m. 6 Jan 1813 to Isabella Gains

3.        Sarah Harris, b. 24 Dec 1776

4.        Mary Harris, b. 27 Mar 1778

5.        Peter Harris, b. 20 Mar 1780

6.        James Harris, 12 Feb 1782

     m. 17 Jan 1803 in Grainger Co. TN

     Spouse: Keziah Taylor (b. 14 Apr 1784, Henry Co. VA)

     d. 6 Apr 1833 in TN

7.        Nehemiah Harris, b. 8 Feb 1784, TN (twin) (See below)

8.        William Harris, b. 8 Feb 1784, TN (twin)

     m. 22 Oct 1810 in Grainger Co. TN

     Spouse: Mourning Taylor (b. 5 Oct 1791, Henry Co. VA)

           Note: Listed on 1850 Census for Lawrence Co. AL

           d. 2 Oct 1825, TN

           Buried in Livingston Cemetery, Grainger Co. TN


a.        Jane Harris, b. ~ 1813, Grainger Co. TN

b.        Nehemiah Harris, b. ~ 1815

c.        Keziah Harris, b. ~ 1817, Grainger Co. TN

d.        Frances G. Harris, b. ~ 1818

e.        Benjamin F. Harris, b. 8 Mar 1829, Grainger Co. TN

f.         Nancy M. Harris, b. ~ 1823, Grainger Co. TN

g.        Mary E. Harris, b. ~ 1825, Grainger Co. TN

9.        Benjamin Harris, b. 12 May 1786, TN (twin)

10.    John Harris, b. 12 May 1786, TN (twin), d. 26 July 1867

11.    Jesse Harris, b. 9 June 1789, TN

12.    Isaac Harris, b. 1 AUG 1791, TN

13.    Elizabeth Harris, b. 15 Mar 1793, TN

14.    Keziah Harris, b. 8 Apr 1795, TN



Nehemiah Harris, b. 8 Feb 1784; Married 26 Jan 1805, Grainger Co. TN,

Spouse: Sarah Jane Stubblefield, b. 18 Dec 1787, Hawkins Co. TN

Noted on 1820 Census Franklin TN, page 34

NOTE: Found on 1840 Census for Lawrence Co. AL


Known Children:

       1.  Nehemiah Glenn Nim Harris, b. 8 June 1828

            Married 28 Jul 1858, Itawamba Co. MS,

            Spouse:  Martha Jane Threldkeld, b. 23 June 1840

            Occupation: Merchant

            NOTE: Found on 1860 Census for Itawamba Co. MS

            NOTE: Found on 1880 Census for Lee Co. MS with six children living at home

            d. 19 Nov. 1891, Lee County, MS

            Buried: Unity Presbyterian Cemetery, Lee Co. MS


a.       Ann Harris, b. 1862, MS

b.       Martha Harris, b. 1865, MS

c.        Female infant Harris, b. 23 Apr. 1868

d.       Nehemiah Nimrod Harris, b. 1869, MS

e.       Benjamin Franklin Harris, b. 20 Sept 1872

f.         William Harris, b. 26 Nov 1875

g.       Jimmie Harris, b. 7 Apr 1880

h.       Wilder Dewitt Harris, b. 5 May 1883, Lee Co. MS

2.  George Washington Harris, b. 4 June 1825, Lawrence Co. AL

Occupation: Farmer

Married in Itawamba County, MS 4 March 1846; Recorded in Itawamba County Marriage Book 4, Page 327

Listed on 1880 Census for Lee County, MS, with four of their children (Laura, Price, George, and Thomas) still at home.

Spouse:  Jane McMaster, b. 13 July 1827, Greene Co. AL, d. 21 Dec 1904, Lee Co. MS

              Parents: Pink and Sarah Eddings McMaster

                          Other McMaster Children:

a.       E. D. McMaster

b.       Price McMaster

c.        William Abner McMaster

d.       George McMaster

e.       Tom McMaster

f.         Belle McMaster

g.       Ada McMaster

h.       Laura McMaster

i.          Sarah Rebecca McMaster

Died: 16 Jan 1900, Lee Co. MS

Buried: Unity Presbyterian Cemetery, Lee Co. MS


1.        William Bill Harris

Married 15 May 1873, Lee Co. MS

Spouse: Martha Mattie Repult, b. 1852

2.        George Harris, b. 1865

3.        Edwin Harris, b. 31 Jan 1858, Itawamba Co. MS; Spouse:  Alice Coker

4.        Thomas Harris, b. 6 Aug 1867, Lee County, MS

Married 23 Dec 1886, Lee Co. MS

Spouse: Melissa Lissie Coker, b. 3 Aug 1870

d. 29 Dec 1931, Lee Co. MS

Buried Unity Presbyterian Cemetery, Lee Co. MS

5.        Sarah R. Sallie Harris, b. 1847

Married 22 Dec 1868, Lee Co. MS

Spouse:  George Whitefield Ruff (1844-1868)

Noted on 1880 Lee County Census, Supervisor District 1, Enum. District 92


a.       David Ruff, b. 1872, Lee Co. MS

b.       Joseph Ruff, b. 1874, Lee Co. MS

c.        Clifton Ruff, b. 1877, Lee Co. MS

d.       Gerty Ruff, b. 1878, Lee Co. MS

6.        Mary Ada Harris, b. 18 Feb 1856, Itawamba Co. MS

Married 23 Dec 1873, Lee Co. MS

Spouse:  John Watland Ruff, b. 1856

Noted on 1880 Lee Co. MS Census, Supervisor District 1, Enumeration District 92


a.       Ella Ruff, b. 1875, Lee Co. MS

b.       Lilly Ruff, b. 1876, Lee Co. MS

c.       Gertrude Ruff, b. 1879, Lee Co. MS

7.        Annie Belle Harris, b. 1860, Itawamba Co. MS

       Spouse:  Joseph Henry Newton Ruff (1842- 1 July 1909); No children

8.        Laura Harris, b. 1855, MS (never married)

9.        Price Harris, b. 1862, MS; Occupation: Baptist Minister

Spouse:  Alice Gullitt

Buried in Burnet Co. TX

     10.  Benjamin F. Harris, b. 1849, MS

3. Mary Harris, b. 1813; Married: 11 SEP 1828

 Death: 25 FEB 1876 in Montague Co., TX

 Burial: AFT 25 FEB 1876 Spanish Fort, Montague Co., TX

 Spouse: William L. McGaughy Birth: 1804 in Blount Co., TN Death: 3 FEB 1874

          Burial: AFT 3 FEB 1874 Spanish Fort, Montague Co., TX
          Father: George Washington McGaughey b: 12 JAN 1781 in Holston River Settlement,   Washington Co., VA (later, Sullivan Co., NC)
          Mother: Mary b: 4 MAY 1783


  1. Marion Pitts McGaughy b: 14 APR 1830
  2. George DeKalb McGaughy b: 11 JAN 1831
  3. Nehemiah R. McGaughy b: 26 APR 1834
  4. William Houston McGaughy b: 25 MAY 1836
  5. James F. McGaughy b: 21 MAR 1838
  6. Sarah Ann McGaughy b: 9 MAR 1840
  7. John L. McGaughy b: 21 JAN 1842
  8. Mary Jane McGaughy b: 4 JAN 1844 in Lee Co., MS
  9. Benjamin Carroll McGaughy b: 17 MAY 1845
  10. Henry Clay McGaughy b: 10 JUN 1846


Children of G. W. and Jane Harris: Further Information:

William Harris married Martha B. Mattie Repult, b. 1852. She was the daughter of Sarah Boston (b. 1815, d. 1890) and Jessie Repult (b. 1819, d. 1903), both of whom are buried at Unity Cemetery, Lee County, MS.


Three of the Harris sisters (Sarah R., M. Ada, and Belle) married three of the Ruff brothers ( George Whitfield, John Watland, and Joseph Henry).  The Ruffs were sons of John Henry (1813- 1862) and Cynthia (1813- 1887) Ruff, both of whom are buried at Unity Presbyterian Cemetery, Lee County, MS.



Thomas Harris, b. 6 Aug 1867, Lee County, MS

Occupation: Farmer

Parents: George Washington Harris and Jane McMaster

d. 29 Dec 1931, Lee Co. MS

Buried at Unity Presbyterian Cemetery, Lee Co. MS

Spouse: Melissa Coker, b. 3 Aug 1870, Lee County, MS

Occupation: Homemaker

Religion: Baptist

d. 15 Dec 1938, Lee County, MS

Buried at Unity Presbyterian Cemetery, East of Plantersville, Lee Co. MS

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