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Sease Family Lineage

Christopher Sease, Birth: About 1715, Eschelbach, Baden, Germany; Death: About 1785 in Newberry County, South Carolina

Note: Last name spelled Suss in Germany. On September 14, 1752 he arrived in Charleston, SC upon the ship Upton.

Spouse:   Susannah Anhaus, b: About 1717 in Germany, Married 1739

There is not much that is known about our immigrant ancestors. But, what is known is that they sailed from Rotterdam, Holland sometime during the summer of 1752. The ship landed in England to take on provisions and water prior to the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. All ships coming from Rotterdam were forced to do this since the ships were English with English captains. After leaving England, the ship most likely took somewhere in the vicinity of 60 days more or less to arrive in Charleston, South Carolina.
The ship our ancestors arrived on was the UPTON with Captain John Gardiner as Master. The Upton arrived in Charleston, South Carolina, on 14 September 1752 and anchored in the Ashley River. On 15 September 1752, a severe hurricane struck Charleston and it was as though "all hell had broken loose". The cannons were dismounted, while at other locations barracks were beaten down, guns dismounted, and their carriages carried away. All except one ship in the harbor were washed ashore and most of the smaller vessels, boats, ships, etc., soon became debris. The Upton, which had just anchored in the Ashley River the day prior to the hurricane, was driven into the marsh of Wappoo Creek on James Island and twenty of the passengers were killed as a result of injuries.  During this hurricane of 15 September 1752, most of Charleston was destroyed by water, waves, debris, and wind. According to information, there was a 17 foot storm surge to add to the misery of the inhabitants.

According to the Council Journals of 1752, our ancestor petitioned for and received 250 acres on Crims Creek which is just outside of the present day town of Pomaria, SC. Along with the land, they were also given other household items such as a cow.
This land was completely unmarked by anyone except perhaps the Native Americans who might be going through. The receivers of land were forced to cut down trees for timber to build a home, build housing for their cattle, cut down trees to clear an area for planting, and do just what anyone had to do to survive in the wilderness. And, we must not forget that the French and Indian War was going on at this time so in addition to all the labor that was necessary to establish a home, they also had to be armed and on the lookout for any Native Americans who might be out and about.  As a note: The English established the German immigrants in what is now known as the Dutch Fork section as a buffer between the Native Americans and the English in Charleston.

 (Petitions for Land From South Carolina Council Journals
Meeting of Tuesday P.M. 3rd October 1752 Pages 404-405:)

The Petition of Christopher Siess, a foreign Protestant,
humbly setting forth Tat the Pet'r came in the Upton, Cap't John
Gardiner, from Rotterdam on the Encouragem't given to for'n Protestants,
he is desirous of settling with his Family among his relations in the
Forks of Broad and Saludy Rivers, That he has a Wife and three children
viz Mary Catherine 12 years, Dorothy ab't 7 years & Catherine ab't 2
years old, and never had for them nor yet for himself any land assigned
him, prays to lay out 250 acres of land in the Forks of Broad and Saludy
Rivers as aforesaid free of Charges, and that he may have his most
Gracious majestys Bounty. Charles Town, the 27th day of Sep'r 1752.
Christ'r Siess. The prayer thereof was granted and three full and two
half bountys.



Children Of Christopher Sease:


 Mary Catherina (Suss) SEAS, Birth: 1740 in Eschelbach, Baden, Germany;  Death: AFT. 27 SEP 1752 in Newberry District, SC


 Dorothy (Suss) SEAS, Birth: 1745 in Eschelbach, Baden, Germany;  Death: 21 MAY 1814 in Newberry District, SC; married Henry Tidmore, Sr., born also in Germany, died 1776, Newberry Co, SC. Children:

        1. Rozanna TIDMORE

       2. Susannah TIDMORE

3.            Martha Tidmore

4.            John TIDMORE, Sr. b: 1765 in Newberry County, South Carolina

5.            Adam TIDMORE b: ABT. 1770 in Newberry County, South Carolina

6.            Henry TIDMORE, Jr. b: ABT. 1772 in Newberry County, South Carolina


Catherina (Suss) SEAS, Birth: 1750 in Eschelbach, Baden, Germany; Death: AFT. 27 SEP 1752 in Newberry District, SC; Spouse: John Rickard


Leonard SEASE, Birth: 1754 in Newberry County, SC ; Death: 8 DEC 1840 in Barnwell District, SC;  married Katherine E. Rizer, born 7 Jun 1762, prob Newberry Co, SC, (daughter of George Reiser/Riser, Sr. and Francina Counts) died 24 Dec 1838, Barnwell Dist, SC. Children:

  1. John SEASE, Sr. b: 1785 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  2. Susan Catherine SEASE b: 1787 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  3. Martin SEASE b: 1789 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  4. Mary Beard SEASE b: 26 JUL 1792
  5. Michael SEASE b: 1 DEC 1794 in Barnwell District, South Carolina
  6. Elizabeth SEASE b: 1796 in Barnwell County, SC
  7. Eve SEASE b: 1798 in Barnwell District, SC
  8. Mary Elizabeth SEASE b: 1801 in Barnwell District, SC
  9. Regina SEASE b: 1803 in Barnwell District, South Carolina
  10. John Daniel SEASE b: 8 AUG 1804 in Barnwell County, SC


Eva Margaret (Suss) SEAS, Birth: 12 OCT 1756 in Craven County (now Newberry County), South Carolina; Death: 30 MAR 1840 in Lexington Dist, SC; burial in Summer Cemetery 3, Little Mountain, SC; Married:  Nicholas SUMMER,b: 1754 in Newberry Co., SC on 15 APR 1777; Children:

  1. Son SUMMER
  2. Son2 SUMMER
  3.   John Adam SUMMER, Sr. b: 3 SEP 1779

Marriage 2 William SUMMER, Sr. b.19 MAR 1764 in Newberry County, SC Married: 8 JAN 1782 in Dutch Fork area, South Carolina; Children:

  1. Anna SUMMER b: 1785 in Newberry Dist., SC
  2. Henry SUMMER b: 1792 in Newberry Dist, SC
  3. Mary Magdeline SUMMER b: 28 DEC 1782 in Newberry District, SC
  4. Mary Margaret SUMMER b: 1798 in Newberry Co., SC
  5. Susannah M. SUMMER b: 1793 in Newberry Co., SC
  6. William SUMMER, Jr. b: 1787 in Newberry Dist. SC


John Mark SEASE, Birth: 23 APR 1761 in Newberry Co, SC; Death: 8 MAY 1822 in Lexington County, South Carolina; Burial: 10 MAY 1822 Sease Cemetery, Chapin, SC; Marriage:  Nancy SHIRER, Married 1783 in Newberry Co. SC (Died 20 February 1839, Lexington Co. SC, Buried Sease Cemetery, Chapin, SC); Children

  1. Henry SEASE
  2. Martin SEASE b: in Newberry County, SC
  3. Eva Christiana (Tena) SEASE b: 13 JUL 1787 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  4. Ann Catharine (Katie) SEASE b: 19 AUG 1789 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  5. Unknown Female #1 SEASE b: BEF. 1790 in Newberry County, SC
  6. Unknown Female #2 SEASE b: BEF. 1790 in Newberry County, SC
  7. John Frederick SEASE b: 18 SEP 1791 in Crims Creek, Newberry County, South Carolina
  8. Barbara SEASE b: 1793 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  9. Eva Margareta SEASE b: 1795 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  10. John C. SEASE b: 5 FEB 1796 in Newberry Co, SC
  11. Mary Elizabeth SEASE b: 18 JUN 1801 in Between Chapin & Lt. Mountain, Lexington Co, SC

Christina SEASE, Birth: 1763 in Newberry County, SC; Death: 1800 in Newberry County, SC, burial in Riser Cem, Pomaria, SC; Marriage: Martin RISER, Sr. b: 1765 in Newberry County, SC Married: ABT. 1782 in Newberry County, SC; Children:

  1. John RISER Sr. b: 11 NOV 1787 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  2. Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) RISER b: ABT. 1789 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  3. Catherine (Kate) RISER b: 1790 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  4. Eva Margaret RISER b: ABT. 1792 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  5. Martin RISER, Jr. b: 1794 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  6. Christina RISER b: 27 MAR 1798 in Newberry County, South Carol



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