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Monts Family Lineage
(Note: Jo and Howard Wright have written an excellent book, "Our Monts Family History",  on this family group.)

  Gasper Mantz arrived from Germany to South Carolina on the ship, Caledonia, with his wife and one child, Ursula, who was then three years old.  His bounty grant of 150 acre was located on Eighteen Mile Creek on the south side of the Saluda River in Lexington County (Colonial Grants 5:244).  A Memorial for John Barnet See records that Gasper Mantz sold his grant to See in 1759 (Memorials 7:257).  Gasper Mans is found in the list of men who were on duty in Colonel Chevillette's Battalion at the Congarees Store from 1759 to 1760 (M. J. Clark, Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774, pp. 907/908). The daughter, Ursula Mantz, obtained a one hundred acre survey in 1772, on the headwaters of Bear Creek, between the present towns of Little Mountain and Chapin, South Carolina, just southeast of Little Mountain (Colonial Plats 18:8). Who Ursula Mantz married is not presently known. 
    Just north of the town of Little Mountain were the early bounty grants of George Henry Wertz and Catherine Wertz. John Miller later owned these grants (Rosalyn Summer Sease Indenture Collection-Caroliniana Library). The George Henry Wertz tract contained the homeplace of John William (Jockey) Monts, son of William Monts and grandson of Gosper Monts. The Catherine Wertz land grant contained the homeplace of John Monts and is the site of the John Monts Cemetery. In 1798, John Monts, oldest son of Gosper Monts, was given the fifty acre survey of Catherine Wertz by John Miller (Nby Deeds P-2, p. 438). In this deed, Gosper Monts is described as a stepson of Miller.

     In Bullow & Bullow to Wheeler (Nby Deeds O-51) a 300-acre tract was sold on Camping Creek and described as land granted in 1754 to John Vink that was conveyed by his heirs to Barbara Miller.  She transferred this tract in 1778 to her son, George Henry Wirts. This record reveals that Barbara Miller was the widow of George Henry Wertz, Sr., and evidently had married John Miller. An explanation of these Monts and Werts records, entertained by descendants, is as follows. Gasper Mantz, the immigrant died soon after the Cherokee War and his widow remarried John Miller. They may have then moved to the Crims Creek area. Probably before 1765, the widow Monts, who had married John Miller, died, leaving two Monts children - Ursula and Gosper, with their stepfather, John Miller. Miller then married Barbara Wertz, widow of immigrant, George Henry Wertz.

John Gasper Mantz, b. 1715; Spouse: Anna Barbara Amacher (daughter of Hans and Magdelena Amacher), d. 27 June 1767, Newberry Co. SC; Children:

1.  Ursula Monts, b. ~ 1750
2.  Gosper Monts, b. 26 January 1753; d. between 1810 and 1817  (NOTE:  The original spelling of Monts was Mantz.  It is of German origin.) Married Anna Mary Minnick, b. ca 1768, d. aft 1850 (Father: George Bartholomew Minnick; Mother: Mary Magdalena Summer.)

The Children of Gosper Monts:

1.       Mary Magdalena Monts, b. ~ 1790, Married Henry Smith


2.       Mary Caroline Catherine Monts, b. ~ 1792, d. 1872, M. Adam Shealy, b. 1788                      Children: George Henry Shealy, b. 30 March 1817

             3.  John Monts, b. 11 Dec 1793, d. Dec 1878, buried in John Monts Cemetery

                       Married 1st- 26 December 1815 to Mary Feagle;                        Children: Sarah Monts (b. 13 December 1816), Mary Magdelina Monts (b. 1 November 1818), Levi Monts (b. 29 November 1820), Mary Ann Monts (b. 16 November 1823)

                       Married 2nd- Mary Magdaline Kinard, b. 1794;                     Children: John William Monts (b. 3 April 1828), Nancy Caroline Monts (b. 26 March 1830), Adam Washington Monts (b. 9 March 1832), George Michael Monts (b. 22 February 1834), Walter Monts (b. 9 April 1838), Frances Elizabeth Monts (b. 9 April 1838)

3.       George Gosper Monts, b. ~ 1794, d after 1860, Married Christiana Schaffer, b 1794Children: John Fred Monts (b. 21 July 1822), Elizabeth Monts (b. 1833), Mary Ann Monts (b. 1835)


4.       Adam Monts, b. 20 August 1798, Newberry County, SC;

                          Died 2 December 1893, in Lee County, MS; buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba County MS (There are two markers for Adam and Mary Elizabeth: the original ones and a newer, double marker); Listed on Itawamba County federal census of 1850, as are his sons: William Anderson Monts, John Robert Monts, and Mark Monts, and their families.

                          Married 22 February 1820 to Mary Elizabeth Sease, b. 18 June 1801, Newberry Co, SC; d. 14 March 1889, Lee Co. MS, buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co. MS; Children: William Anderson Monts (b. 1820, SC), Mark Monts (b. 1822, SC), Emily Ann Monts (b. 1824, SC), Magdalin Monts, John Robert Monts (b. 1828, SC), Elizabeth Monts, J. Isaac Monts (b. 1832, MS), Louis Phillip Monts (b. 30 November 1835, MS, d. 9 February 1866, Itawamba Co. MS), Frances A. Monts (b. 1836, MS), Mary Ann Monts (b. 1839, MS), Katherine C. Monts (b. 1842, MS)                                                                                                                              

5.       William Monts, b. ~ 1803, d. 12 Dec 1888, Married Mary Shealy, b. 1808

                           Children: Anna Elizabeth Monts (b. 2 February 1826), Mary Magdalene Monts (b. 9 January 1830), Jacob Monts (b. 25 July 1832), Nelson C. Monts (b. 16 September 1833), Susana Monts, Mary Catherine Monts, John William Monts (b. 4 July 1841), Louisa Monts (b. 26 September 1842), Thomas Monts, Franklin Monts, James Monts, Martha R. Monts (b. 16 February 1850)

6.       Mary Elizabeth Monts, b.  1788, d. 1845

Children of Adam Monts:

1.  (One child, born in 1834, died in infancy and is unnamed)


 2.  Emily A. MONTS, b. 10 SEP 1824 in South Carolina, d. 18 JUN 1888 in Lee County, Mississippi
Spouse: James Harry LIVINGSTON, Married: 12 SEP 1844 in Itawamba Co. MS; Children

  1. Elizabeth LIVINGSTON b: 1847 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  2. John Joseph LIVINGSTON b: 1849 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  3. Barsellinia LIVINGSTON b: 1851 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  4. George LIVINGSTON b: 1854 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  5. Cornelia (Nellie) LIVINGSTON b: 1856 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  6. Sophronia LIVINGSTON b: 1858 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  7. Sarah LIVINGSTON b: FEB 1860 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  8. Leonides LIVINGSTON b: 1862 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  9. Isabella LIVINGSTON b: 1864 in Itawamba County, Mississippi
  10.    Infant Livingston

3.   Mark MONTS, b. 1 Sep 1822 in SC; d. 15 Dec 1908 (buried at Spring Hill Cemetery, East of Saltillo, Lee County, MS)

Mark Monts is listed in the 1853 MS state census for Itawamba County on Page 10. 

He served as a private in the 12th Mississippi Cavalry, CSA, during the Civil War.  The 12th Battalion Partisan Rangers (Confederate) was formed during the spring of 1863 with nine companies. The unit was assigned to Ferguson's Brigade and totaled 250 effectives in October. It served in Mississippi, and then skirmished in Georgia and the Carolinas. In January 1865, it merged into the 10th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel William M. Pound and Major William M. Inge were in command. 10th Cavalry Regiment [also known as the 12th Regiment] was organized in January 1865 by consolidating the 12th Mississippi Battalion Partisan Rangers and Company C of the 56th Alabama Cavalry Regiment. The unit served in Ferguson's Brigade/ Jacksons Division, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, then was assigned to W. Adams' command in the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. It confronted the Federals in South Carolina and Alabama, and ended the war in Mississippi. Mark Monts was in Company K of the 12th regiment. He enlisted as a private on August 1, 1863 at Mooreville, Mississippi and was discharged at the rank of private due to disability in 1864.

He is listed on the 1860 Federal Census for Itawamba Co. MS; however, two of the children listed on this census are children of William Anderson Monts, Marks older brother. 

Mark was a farmer.

Spouse: Jemima Barrett FRANCIS b: 29 Mar 1833 in Franklin, TN (daughter of William Alva Francis and Mary Magdelena Barrett); Married 20 Feb 1851 in Itawamba County, Mississippi. (Ceremony performed by Rev. William C. McDow.) Children:

1.       Mary Elizabeth Molly Monts, b. 1852, Itawamba County, MS; d. 1936; Married Marshall Jefferson Talley on 12 Nov 1867

2.       William Buchanan Monts, b. 1857, Itawamba County, MS; Married Mary Elizabeth Brooks in 1880; d. 1900, buried in Springhill Cemetery, Lee Co. MS

3.       Mark Monts, Jr., b. 4 January 1867, Lee County, MS; d. 1938, Lee Co. MS, buried in Plantersville Cemetery, Plantersville, MS; Married Dora Belle Stephenson

4.       Virginia Francis Monts, b. 1853, Itawamba (now Lee) Co. MS; d. 1903, Lee Co. MS, buried in Springhill Cemetery, Lee Co. MS; Married George Washington Patton in 1871

5.       Tressa Jane Monts, b. 1855, Itawamba (now Lee) Co. MS; d. 1887, Lee Co. MS, buried in Palestine Cemetery, east of Plantersville, MS; Married George H. Knowles on 19 Jan 1873

6.       Emer Josephine Monts, b. 1863, Itawamba (now Lee) Co. MS; d. 1928; Married 1st- Terrill William Cook in 1877, married 2nd- Albert Hall in 1877

7.       Louvada Alma Monts, b. 1871, Lee Co. MS; Died at 6 years of age in 1877

8.       Jasper Newton Monts, b. 1861, Itawamba (now Lee) Co. MS; d. 1950; Married Effie Carnathan on 13 Feb 1884

Obituary: Mark Monts (Appeared in the Tupelo Journal, Friday, January 8, 1909)

Squire Mark Monts Dead

On December 15th, Squire Mark Monts died at his home at Eggville.  He had been suffering for some time of heart dropsy, but had apparently recovered, but on the night of the 14th about eleven oclock, his aged wife was awakened to find him suffering a stroke of paralysis, being entirely unconscious until his death came at twelve the next day.  He was 86 years old, having lived beyond his promised time, but his life had been spent as a true man would spend it.  He enlisted in the southern army and served with honors throughout the war.  He served as justice of the peace of the third district of Lee County, and best of all, he enlisted in the army of Jesus Christ at an early age, fighting as a valiant soldier of the cross.  He was a kind father wishing and giving the best for his children, ever showing that affection that is due from a husband to wife.  We would offer this consolation to the aged wife who will have to trod the remainder of life without her faithful companion, and children who will miss the presence and wholesome advice.  That your loss is heavens gain.  He is transferred from mortal to immortal from an earthly to a heavenly being, though gone from earthly vision to those who love the Lord.   A FRIEND


4. Isaac MONTS, b. 1832, SC; d. 1924; Served as private in Company II, Mississippi Volunteer Regiment, CSA during the Civil War; Spouse: Lucy Ann FRANCIS, b: 1831, Franklin Co. TN (Lucy was a sister to Marks wife, Jemima); Children:

  1. William Adam MONTS b. 1857
  2. Lewis Howell MONTS b. 1864, d. 1917
  3. John Isaac MONTS, b. 1862
  4.    Lucy Davis MONTS b: 17 APR 1861 in Itawamba County, MS, d. 1857
  5.    Martha Jane Monts b. 1853, d. 1900
  6.    Mary Magdalene Monts b. 1855 (lived only one month)
  7.    Elizabeth Harriet Monts b. 1858, d. 1926
  8.    Jemima Washington Monts, b. 1861, d. 1883
  9.    Tabitha Musidore (Tobie) Monts
  10.    Agnes Isabel Monts b. 1868, d. 1971
  11.    Francis Marion Monts b. 5 Aug 1870 (lived only one day)

5. Louis Phillip Monts, b. 30 November 1836; d. 9 February 1866, Lee Co. MS; Buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co. MS (Served as Private in Company II, Mississippi Volunteer Regiment, CSA, during the Civil War), Spouse: Martha Lou Bell (20 Aug 1840-18 June 1910), married 1861; Children:

1.         Amelia Monts b. 1862, d. 1910

2.         William Adam Monts b. 1864, d. 1949

3.         Louise Monts b. 1866, d. 1887 (Note:  Taken from grave marker, New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co. MS: Louise, daughter of L. P. and M. L. Monts, born July 8, 1866, died June 28, 1882)

6. William Anderson Monts, b. 28 Sep 1820, Newberry Co. SC; Occupation: Methodist Minister; Noted on 1850 Census for Itawamba Co. MS; d. 15 Nov 1889, Upshur Co. TX; buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Lafayette, TX; m. Mary Davis Hunter (12 Aug 1821- 12 Dec 1885), Children:

1.         Mary Elizabeth Monts, b. 1842, d. 1907

2.         George William Monts, b. 1842, d. 1927

3.         John Adam Monts, b. 1846, d. 1921

4.         Anna Katherine (Kate) Monts, b. 1858, d. 1884

5.         Margaret Jane (Maggie) Monts, b. 1850, d. 1927

6.         Phillip Montgomery Monts, b. 1857

7.         Mark Calhoun Monts, b. 1854, Itawamba Co. MS

8.         Louina Isibell (Lou) Monts, b. 1862

7. Magdalin Monts, b. 1826, Newberry Co. SC; Married Willis B. Robinson

8. John Robert Monts, b. 1826, d. 1858, buried at New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co. MS; Noted on 1850 Census for Itawamba County MS; Married Frances Elena Riley, b. 1831; Children:

1.         Ruth Ann Victoria Monts, b. 1851, d. 1935

2.         Melissa Jane Cora Monts, b. 1853, d. 1942

3.         Dora Ann Monts, b. 1855, d. 1930

4.         Francis John Robert Monts, b. 1857, d. 1937

9. Elizabeth Monts, b. 1833; Married 1848 to William Mitchell; Children:

1.         Frances Mitchell, b. 1853

2.         Elizabeth Mitchell, b. 1854

3.         John Mitchell, b. 1856

4.         Jessie Mitchell, b. 1858

10. Mary Ann Monts, b. 1840, d. 1924; Married Andrew M. Rea; Children:

1.         Anner Liza Rea, b. 1858, d. 1867

2.         John Washington Rea, b. 1860, d. 1941

3.         James Marshall Rea, b. 1864, d. 1936

4.         Willie Ann Rea, b. 1866, d. 1942

5.         Mary Ida Rea, b. 1868, d. 1871

6.         Daisy Elizabeth Emily Rea, b. 1870, d. 1871

7.         David Dire Rea, b. 1872, d. 1873

8.         Mollie B. Rea, b. 1873, d. 1896

9.         Lonie Rachel Rea, b. 1879, d. 1908

10.     Adam T. Rea, b. 1879, d. 1908

11.     Nora C. Rea, b. 1880

12.     Samuel Houston Rea, b. 1882, d. 1964

11. Frances A. Monts, b. 1838, Newberry Co. SC; Married 1858 to William Miller; Children:

1.         Ellan C. Miller, b. 1859

2.         Henry Tailor Miller, b. 1863

3.         Alice R. Miller, b. 1868

4.         Elizabeth Miller, b. 1871

5.         Martha Ann Miller, b. 1876

6.         Johnnie Miller, b. 1879

7.         Thomas P. Miller, b. 1861

12. Katherine C. Monts, b. June 1843; Married 1st- Allen Johnson in 1859; Married 2nd- Samuel Houston West in 1867; Children:

1.         Jessie Ollie Johnson, b. 1861 (only child by 1st marriage)

2.         Mary D. West, b. 1867

3.         Columbiana West, b. 1869

4.         Minnie B. West, b. 1872

5.         Idola West, b. 1874

6.         Odella West, b. 1876

7.         Sammie West, b. 1879

8.         Effie West, b. 1883


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