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The Beginnings

Generation One-

William MCGARRAH, Sr., b. 1755, Camden District, SC

Noted on census 1790 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Noted on census 1800 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Noted on census 1810 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Noted on census 1830 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Father: ______ MCGARRAH
Marriage: Spouse Unknown


  1. William MCGARRAH b: 1776 in South Carolina
  2. George MCGARRAH
  3. Moses MCGARRAH
  4. John MCGARRAH b: 1805

Generation Two-

William MCGARRAH, Jr., b. 1776 in Camden District, Lancaster Co. South Carolina

Noted on census 1800 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Noted on census 1810 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Noted on census 1820 Lancaster County, South Carolina

Father: William MCGARRAH b: 1755
Marriage: #1 Spouse Unknown

Children: Thomas MCGARR b: 1823 in South Carolina

 Marriage: #2 Nancy _______ b: in South Carolina


  1. William MCGARRAH b: 1805 in South Carolina; granted land grant 1 June 1849 in Tallapoosa Co. AL for 40 acres
  2. Nancy MCGARRAH b: 1810 in South Carolina
  3. George MCGARRAH, b. 1814, SC
  4.  Andrew MCGARRAH, b. 1803; m. 1832 to Margaret ________ (b. 1818, SC); Noted on census for Marion Co. AL 1850

(Multiple spellings of McGarrh have been used over the years.  There are several possible reasons for this, including lack of education by the family members and variations due to misunderstanding of the name by the census officials. These variations are included in the text to reflect the various spellings found in the different sources.)


 Generation Three-

George McGarrh, b. 1814, Lancaster County, SC

Occupation: farmer

Married: Harriet Reynolds, b. 1814, GA

(Several sources indicate that Harriett was Georges second wife.  The name of the first wife has not been found at this time.)

Noted on 1850 Macon County Alabama census, page 219, house 386, family 394

George McGar               36 m Farmer   SC    (b. 1814)

Harriett                       36 f               GA     (b. 1814)

Martha                         14 f               GA     (b. 1836)(twin)

Nancy                          14 f               GA     (b. 1836)(twin)

Andrew                        12 m              GA    (b. 1837)

William                          8 m              AL     (b. 1842)

John                            10 m              AL     (b. 1840)

Rebecca                         6 f               AL      (b. 1844)

George                       8/12 m            AL      (b. 1849)

Also listed as living in the household on this census were:

Thomas Filuir               36 m Farmer   GA

Thomas M. Walker        42 m Farmer   GA

Sara Walker                 16 f                GA

Elizah Walker               11 f                GA

Harriet Walker               7 f                 AL

Nancy Harrison            33 f                 AL


  1. Martha McGarrah, b. 1836, GA (twin)
  2. Nancy McGarrah, b. 1836, GA (twin)
  3. Andrew Jackson McGarrah, b. 1837, AL
  4. William McGarrah, b. 1842, AL
  5. John McGarrah, b. 1840, AL
  6. Rebecca McGarrah, b. 1844, AL
  7. George McGarrah, b. 1849, AL