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The Family Grows
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Generations in Attala

Robert T. Boyette, b. 1807, North Carolina

Occupation- Farmer

Veteran of the Mexican War; Served in the Second Mississippi Rifles between 1846 and 1848 under the command of Captain Adam McWillie (Information from The History of Kosciusko)

Noted on 1850 Attala County, MS census on page 131b, Township 16, Range 6 East; Is listed as 40 years old, is single, and is farming 100 acres of land.

Noted on the 1860 Attala County, MS census on page 174; Is listed as 53 years old, is married and has three sons.  His occupation is listed as laborer.

Noted on the 1870 Desoto County, MS census in the Arkabutla Precinct with his wife and five children.

Married about 1851, Attala County, MS

(This date is based on Robert having been single on the 1850 census and his oldest child, William, having been born in 1852.)

Spouse: Elizabeth Anderson, b. 1828, North Carolina


 1.  William T. Boyette, b. 1852, Attala County, MS

 2.  Edwin E. Boyette, b. 1855, Attala County, MS 

  1. Joseph M. Boyette, b. 1859, Attala County, MS

   4.  Lavinia Boyette, b. 1862, MS

   5.  Eliza Boyette, b. 1868, MS


William T. Boyette, b. Nov 1852, Attalla County, MS

Occupation: Farmer

Listed on 1860 Attala County, MS Census, House 1101, Family 1201; living in his parents household, Robert and Elizabeth Boyette, along with his two brothers, Edwin and Joseph.

Listed on 1870 Desoto County, MS, Arkabutla Precinct, living in his patents home 

On 1880 Attala County, MS census, he is listed on page 87A in District 3, Mitchells Mills Township, living with Mary and one child, John T. His occupation is listed as farmer.

Listed on 1900 Attala County, MS census, living in beat 2, house 42, family 42

Census information shows William, age 48, and Mary, age 46, had been married for 24 years, had parented 10 children, and had 8 children living. 

Six of the children were still living at home at this time,

According to the census information, his parents were both born in North Carolina. 

Marys parents were listed as both being born in Alabama, but are unnamed.

Married: 1876, Mississippi (No record is available due to a fire at the Attala County Courthouse in 1895 that destroyed the marriage files)(Date is based on 1900 Federal Census information.)

Spouse: Mary Ross, b. Dec 1853, AL

Parents: William R. and Susan Wright Ross


     1.  Jessie William Boyette, b. 6 Nov 1887, Attala County, MS

Spouse: Annie Margaret McGarah

Married 24 December 1903, Attala County, MS;   Marriage performed by Rev. A. T. Price, Minister of the Gospel.  Info from 1892-1967 Attala County Marriage Records, Book I, page 421  

Noted on 1917 Attala County, MS Draft List 

Noted on 1910 Attala County, MS census, beat 3, district 8, house 179, family 179    

Noted on 1920 Attala County, MS census, beat 2, district 6, house 45, family 45                        

(Jessie and Annie are buried in Gravel Hill Community near Greenwood, MS)

 Spouse: Annie Margaret McGarah, b. 1888, West, Attala County, MS; d. 20 April 1964, Attala County, MS

                      Father: Andrew Jackson McGarah, b.1837; d. 1927, Attala County, MS

                      Mother: Mary Delilah McGarah, b. 1849; d. 1933, Attala County, MS                          

  1. Ross Robert Boyette, b. Oct 1889, Attala County, MS;   d.  August 1982, Cleveland, Bolivar County, MS; Buried Delta Heights Cemetery, Cleveland, Bolivar County, MS

Married 1 Feb 1908 in Attala County, MS; Marriage recorded in Attala County, MS Marriage Book K, page 89

Spouse: Eunice Key, b. 18 Sept. 1888; d. April 1973

3.  Emmett Newton Boyette, b. 11 June 1895, Attalla County, MS; d. August 1985, Grenada County, MS

Listed on 1917 Attala County, MS Draft List 

Listed on 1930 Sunflower Co. MS Census, Beat 5, page 13

Spouse: Beatrice _____, b. 1895, MS

  1. John Thomas Boyette, b. 8 Jan 1879, Attala County, MS

     Listed on 1917 Attala County, MS Draft List

Noted on 1920 Attala Co. MS census

Spouse: Matilda ____, b. 1887, MS

  1. Sallie Boyette, b. Oct 1885, Attala County, MS

Married 2 Aug 1900 in Attala County, MS; Marriage recorded in Attala County, MS Marriage Book H, page 532

Spouse: George Lindsey, b. 1887; d. 1967, MS


                        1.  Galin Lindsey, b. 1906, MS

                        2.     Edgar Lindsey, b. 15 July 1911; d. Jan 1974, Cleveland, Bolivar County, MS

                        (Names of their other children have not as yet been determined)

  1. Mosie E. Boyette, b. Dec 1891, Attala County, MS

    Spouse: Lafayette Lindsey, b. 16 March 1884   (He is listed on 1917 Draft list for Carroll County, MS)

  m. 28 Dec 1908, Attala County, MS; Marriage recorded in Attala County, MS Marriage Book E, page 256

                 Child: Nora Lindsey, b. 8 May 1908, Attala Co. MS

7.   Maggie E. Boyette, b. Feb 1897, MS

   8.  Rosetta Boyette, b. 26 Mar 1881, MS; d. 24 Jan 1956, MS; Buried at Midway Methodist Cemetery, Carroll Co. MS

Spouse: Austin Levert Hearon, b. 5 July 1883; d. 6 Oct 1967 (He is noted on 1917 Attala Co. Draft List.)