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The Families Unite

Jessie William Boyette, b. 6 Nov 1887, Attala County, MS

d. 1934, Sunflower Co. MS

Married Annie Margaret McGarah in Attala County, Ms on 24 December 1903. 

Marriage performed by Rev. A. T. Price, Minister of the Gospel. 

Info from 1892-1967 Attala County Marriage Records, Book I, page 421


Census Information:

Noted on 1917 Attala County, MS Draft List

Noted on 1900 Attala County census living in respective parents homes

Noted on 1910 Attala County census, beat 3, district 8, house 179, family 179    

Noted on 1920 Attala County census, beat 2, district 6, house 45, family 45   

 Noted on 1930 Sunflower County, MS census,  Beat 5, Page 13, Line 38, Family 133, House 132                    

(Jessie and Annie are buried in Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery in the Gravel Hill Community 12 miles East of Greenwood, MS)


Spouse: Annie Margaret McGarah, b. 1888, West, Attala County, MS; d. 20 April 1964, MS

             Father: Andrew Jackson McGarah, b.1837

             d. 1927, Attala Co. MS

             Served in Co. K, 24th MS Infantry, CSA

             Buried New Hope Cemetery, Attala Co. MS

             Mother: Mary D. Grace McGarah, b. 1849

             d. 1933, Attala Co. MS

                  Buried New Hope Cemetery, Attala Co. MS



     1.  Andrew Jackson Boyette, b. 17 February 1904, Attala County, MS

Married Lula Ezelle, b. 6 June 1900; d. 7 May 1976; Buried at Liberty Baptist Cemetery, Carroll County, MS

 No children

d.       2 July 1978, Greenville, Washington County, MS

Buried Liberty Baptist Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll County, MS

2.  Arvis A. Boyette, b. 7 February 1921, Attala County, MS

  Married Martha Stacy, b. 15 April 1921, Calhoun County, MS; d. 15 May 1995, Panola County, MS;   (Martha was a sister to Mittie Mae Stacy, wife of Bilbo Boyette.

d. 31 January 1998, Panola County, MS; Buried Longtown Cemetery, Panola County, MS


  1. Houston Boyd Boyette, b. 8 April 1908, Attala County, MS

Married Mary Elvira High, b. 1910; d. 1952;     

d. 31 March 1964, Sunflower County, MS; Buried Drew Cemetery, Drew, Sunflower County, MS

  1. Jimmie W. Boyette, b. 1907, Attala Co. MS (nickname- Bilbo)

      d. 1965 (Cause of death- farm accident)

  Married Mittie Mae Stacy, b. 17 Jan 1909, Calhoun County, MS; d. 5 Dec 1999, Quitman County, MS;     (Mittie was a sister to Martha Stacy, wife of Arvis Boyette.)

5.  Melvin Horace Boyette, b. 1913, Attala Co. MS;    d. 29 Aug 1964 (Cause of death- accidental electrocution); Buried in Batesville Cemetery, Batesville, MS

 Married Loyce Roth

 No children      


  1. Virgie Mae Tuttie Boyette (Alford), b. 29 December 1918, French Camp, Attala Co. MS

d. 19 February 1994, Panola County, MS;  Burial 21 Feb 1994 in Curtis Union Cemetery, Panola County, MS

Married 1st- Lester Latham (divorced)

Married 2nd- Henry Ezra Bryant (widowed); d. 1957; Burial Marks Cemetery, Marks, Quitman County, MS

Married 3rd- Ray Alford, b. 26 May 1936 (widowed); d. Jan 1992; Buried Curtis Union Cemetery, Panola County, MS


  1. Agnes Aline Ted Boyette (McCain), b. 15 December 1914, Attala County, MS

  Married 5 July 1930, Merigold, Sunflower Co. MS

Spouse: Ethel Columbus McCain, b. 24 Dec 1908;  d. 19 Jan 1952; Buried Marks Cemetery, Marks, Quitman County, MS

d.       7 June 1995; Buried Marks Cemetery, Marks, Quitman County, MS


  1.  Mavis Boyette (Harrell), b. 7 June 1923, Greenville, Washington County, MS

 Married 3 April 1941, Midway, MS

      Spouse: Homer Harrell, b. 8 Oct 1914; d. 21 July 1995

  1. Jessie Wilma Boyette (Hasty), b. 15 May 1911, Attala County, MS

Married 4 July 1929

Spouse: Leonard B. Hasty, b. 5 Mar 1908d. 25 Dec 1976, Benton, Yazoo County, MS  (SSDI had death as Dec 1975)

d.       10 Feb 1954

Buried Marks Cemetery, Marks, Quitman County, MS


  1.  Delmar Lamar Boyette, b. 12 June 1910, Attala County, MS

Spouse: Mary Catherine Albritton, b. 1910, Tallahatchie County, MS; d. 1980, Quitman County, MS; Buried Marks Cemetery, Marks, Quitman County, MS

Married 7 Dec 1927, Tallahatchie County, MS

d. 24 August 1978, Quitman County, MS

Buried in Marks Cemetery, Marks, Quitman County, MS

 11.  Sue Boyette, died as child

 12.  Twin Infant 1A, died as infant

 13.  Twin Infant 1B, died as infant

 14.  Twin Infant 2A, died as infant

 15.  Twin Infant 2B, died as infant

(Family oral tradition states Jessie and Annie had a total of 24 children, but only ten of them lived until adulthood: Information from Jessie Wilma Hasty)

(Among their children were two separate sets of twins who died at birth, however no birthdates are known for these children: Information from Agnes McCain)