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Our Beliefs

Statement of Beliefs:

Agnosticism is a legitimate religious belief. We do not know because we cannot know. The ultimate truth about the existence of a Supreme Being is unknowable. Recognizing this, we can free ourselves from a fruitless search and, indeed, no longer care about answering the question.  The basic tenants of our religion are summed up in our Articles of Faith.

Articles of Faith:

1. The existence of a Supreme Being is unknown and unknowable.  To believe in the existence of a god is an act of faith. To believe in the nonexistence of a god is likewise an act of faith. There is no evidence that there is a Supreme Being, nor is there evidence there is not a Supreme Being. Faith is not knowledge. We can only state with assurance that we do not know.

2. If there is a Supreme Being, then that being appears to act as if apathetic to events in our universe.  All events in our Universe, including its creation, can be explained with or without the existence of a Supreme Being. Thus, if there is indeed a God, then that god has had no more impact than no god at all. To all appearances, any purported Supreme Being is indifferent to our Universe and to its inhabitants.

3. We are apathetic to the existence or nonexistence of a Supreme Being.  If there is a God, and that God does not appear to care, then there is no reason to concern ourselves with whether or not a Supreme Being exists, nor should we have any interest in satisfying the purported needs of that Supreme Being.

Membership and Ordination-

Basic Membership: If you accept the Articles of Faith, then you are automatically a Member of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic.  There is no cost related to membership. No fees! No Donations! No solicitations!

Full Membership: Submitting an application for full membership will add you to our rarely used mailing list, provide access to our Members Message Board.

Membership & Ordination: Application for membership and ordination will provide you with a valid Certificate of Ordination, add you to our rarely used mailing list, provide access to our Members Message Board and to our Clergy Resource site.   Ordination is real. The Patriarch/Matriarch of the Church is an ordained minister, and is authorized by the Church to ordain clergy into the Church. Ordination is not a joke, even though some applicants may choose to treat it less than seriously.  There is no charge for ordination or appointment to any level of the hierarchy of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic. On the other hand, there is no remuneration provided by the Church for any of these positions.

Senior Clergy: Application for advancement to the Bishop and Patriarch / Matriarch level may be submitted after meeting certain minimum age and time ordained requirements.  Clergy with basic ordination who wish to advance within the Church may apply to become a Bishop, or equivalent once they meet the qualifications as posted on the Clergy Resource Site. Bishops are appointed to a diocese covering a specified city or county. Their responsibilities, in addition to those of clergy, include the ordination of new clergy within their diocese, and providing guidance to those clergy who seek it.  Bishops may, once they meet the appropriate qualifications, apply to be appointed as Patriarch or Matriarch of a See. A See corresponds to a province or state in a federal country, otherwise it corresponds to an entire country. Patriarch and Matriarchs, in addition to the duties of a Bishop, may ordain new Bishops and appoint them to dioceses within their See.