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The Mooney Line
The Norris Clan
Quitman County Roots
The Children
The Mooney Line

Mooney Family Lineage

Edmund Mooney, birth date and place as yet unknown

Died in Hawkins Co. TN

Spouse unknown


1.   Josiah Mooney, b. before 1770, d. before 1840

      Spouse: Mary _______, b. 1785, NC; She is noted on 1840 Census for Hawkins Co. TN


a.       Joseph Mooney, b. 1801; Noted on 1840 Census, Hawkins Co. TN

b.       Charles Mooney, b. 1802, TN

c.       Aaron Mooney, b. 1803, Hawkins Co. TN; Noted on 1840 Census Hawkins Co. TN

d.       Josiah Mooney, b. 1803, TN; Noted on 1840 Census, Hawkins Co. TN

e.       William Mooney, b. 1804

f.        James Mooney, b. 1805, Hawkins Co. TN

g.       Thomas Mooney, b. 1810, TN; Noted on 1840 census, Hawkins Co. TN

h.       E. W. Mooney, b. 1818, TN

2.   Thomas Mooney, b. 1760

      d. 12 Oct 1815, Hawkins Co. TN

      Will dated 12 Oct 1815, Hawkins Co. TN

      Spouse: Rebecca Dotson, b. 1779

      Married 21 Jan 1800 in Greene Co. TN

      Rebeccas father, Edmond Dotson, signed as security bond for the marriage


a.       Charles Mooney, b. 12 Aug 1802, TN

b.       Anna Mooney, b. 1801

c.       Sarah Mooney, b. 1815

3.   Edmund Mooney, b. 1770

      Married Mary Dobson on 29 June 1801 in Greene Co. TN

      In 1816, named elder of Rogersville Presbyterian Church

4.   George Mooney: in 1816, he was named elder of Rogersville Presbyterian Church

5.   Ruth D. Mooney

6.   William Mooney, b. 1785 in VA; d. In MS

      Religion: Presbyterian

      Occupation: Farmer

      Married 1st- Lucinda Hayes on 19 May 1804 (Date from LDS) (other sources show date as Oct 5 and May 10) in Grainger County, TN


a.       Elizabeth Mooney, b. 1805

b.       John Mooney, b. 1808

c.       Charles H. Mooney, b. 1814, VA; m. Elizabeth Sparks in 1834 in Yalobusha CO. MS


(1.       William Patrick Mooney, b. 1846

(2.       Mary Ann Mooney, b. 1834

(3.       Amanda C. Mooney, 1837

(4.       Margaret Jane Mooney, b. 1840

d.       Alexander Mooney, b. 1816

e.       Sampson Mooney, b. 1818

f.        Barton Mooney, b. 1821, TN; d. TX; m. Talitha McCoy 23 Mar 1843, MS

Listed as Private in the 1st Mississippi Calvary, CSA, during the Civil War; Fought at Shiloh in April 1862


(1.       Frances L. Mooney, b. Sept 1849, AR

(2.       Mary Jane Mooney, b. 1852, TX

(3.       Columbus (Lum) Guy Mooney, b. 1856, TX

(4.       John Mooney, b. 9 Mar 1859, TX

(5.       Robert Eli Mooney, b. 3 April 1863, TX

g.       Thomas Mooney, b. 1824, TN; d. 29 July 1907, TX

Spouse: Neama E. _________, b. 1832, TN

Noted on 1880 Census for Cherino, Nacogdoches Co. TX as head of household with wife and five children

h.       Lucinda Mooney, b. 1826

i.         Emeline Mooney, b. 1828, GA

Noted on 1870 Census Tallahatchie Co. MS living in the household of her brother Richard Mooney. 

Noted on the 1880 Tallahatchie Co. MS Census; also noted is her son, James W. Mooney, b. 1871, MS

      Married 2nd- Catherine Pernell (b. ~ 1805, GA) on 18 Oct 1839 in Yalobusha Co. MS

      She is listed on 1870 Census Tallahatchie Co. MS, in household of her son Richard

      She is not found on the 1880 Census.


a.       James L. Mooney, b. ~ 1845

b.       Rufus Mooney, b. ~ 1847, MS

c.       Jasper Mooney, b. ~ 1852, MS

Noted on the 1870 Tallahatchie Co. MS Census.

d.       Jane Mooney, b. ~ 1850, MS; m. David Howell on 5 Aug 1875, Tallahatchie Co. MS

Noted on the 1870 Tallahatchie Co. MS Census

Noted on 1880 Census Tallahatchie County, MS


(1.    Richard Mooney, b. 1874, Tallahatchie Co. MS

(2.    John Howell, b. 1877, Tallahatchie Co. MS

e.       Richard M. Mooney, b. Dec, 1853, MS

Occupation: Farmer

Noted on 1870 Census for Tallahatchie Co. MS, Beat 1, page 6: Richard is living with his mother, Catherine Pernell Mooney, and three of his siblings (Emeline Mooney, Jasper Mooney, and Jane Mooney)

Noted on 1880 Census for Tallahatchie Co. MS, Beat 1, page 60C: Richard is listed as head of household. Also in the home are his sister, Emeline Mooney, and his nephew, James W. Mooney

Married Annie Cordelia Morrison, b. 1868 in MS, on 4 July 1888 in Tallahatchie Co. MS; recorded on page 393, Marriage Book 1880-1891; Marriage performed by D. W. Miller, P.E.; (Middle name on Marriage License is represented by J, however, Annie Bell, her granddaughter, stated Cordelia was her correct middle name.)   Noted on 1880 Census for Yalobusha County, Mississippi, living in the household of John and Mary Boothe; Is listed as niece, single, white, 12 year old female, born in Alabama.  Both of her parents are listed as having been born in Alabama also. Also listed on this census are the Boothes 4 minor children.

Noted on 1900 Census for Tallahatchie County MS; listed with wife and two children, listed as farmer, all can read and write


(1.       Frances Catherine Katie Mooney, b. July 1889, Charleston, MS

(2.       Emma Mooney, b. Dec 1891, MS