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Mississippi Synod Information
Terms and Definitions
Organizational Information
Statement of Beliefs
Functions of the Clergy
Information and guidance for clergy
Dress for the Clergy
Marriage in Mississippi/ MS County Clerks Addresses
Wedding Ceremonies
Funeral Planning
Grief Counseling
Matriarchs and Patriarchs
Council of Elders
Terms and Definitions



Agnostic- One who believes that there can be no proof of the existence of god, but does not deny the possibility that god exists


Agnosticism: Holding the beliefs of an Agnostic


Apathetic- Indifferent


Belief- Conviction or opinion


Bishop- Senior clergyman in charge of a diocese within the Synod


Church- Organization for public worship


Clergy- Individuals ordained for religious service


Faith- Confident belief or conviction; religion


Goal- Desired result or purpose


Home Church- UCTAA located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


Jurisdiction- The limits within which an authority or control may operate


Matriarch / Patriarch- Ecclesiastical leader of the church or a synod within the church


Mission- A function or task


Ordain- To install into the role of clergy person


Synod- A council of churches or church officials


UCTAA- Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic


UCTAA of Mississippi- Mississippi Synod of the Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic


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