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Centerhill Cemetery, Lee County, Mississippi

Centerhill Cemetery is located on Lee County Road 830, approximately 1.5 miles east of State Highway 6, south of Plantersville in Lee County, Mississippi. There are in reality two separate cemeteries flanking the road with the African American burials on the north side of Road 830 and the Caucasian burials on the south side next to Centerhill Baptist Church.

This is a listing of the burials in the northern section. While it is an old cemetery, the grounds are very well maintained and is easily accessed from the paved, county maintained road. It is clearly visible from the road and is well marked by a beautiful entry arch which bears the cemetery name.

Most of the older burials are on the higher portion of the cemetery at the western end of the lot. Throughout the cemetery, however, there are broken stones which are difficult to decipher, several graves marked with fieldstones, and there seems, from the spaces between graves, to be quite a few unmarked graves. Many of the stones are handmade, are difficult to read, and have only the name, with no dates, on them. There are also funeral home markers many of which, due to moisture and sunlight, are not readable. This is an honest attempt to record those graves which are in any degree legible.

Although Centerhill Cemetery is not officially designated as a “family” cemetery (to the effect that it is named after only one family), the major portion of those individuals who are buried here are related to either the Martha Ann Ruff Family, the Mariah Betts Family, or in many cases, because of marriages between these lines, to both families. Therefore, notes as to various family connections are being included as a tool for future genealogy researchers.

The familial notes are based on United States Federal Census information and Social Security Death Index listings, as well as information from family and friends.

I wish to thank Maxine Cummings and Sue Betts for their valuable assistance in documenting and verifying this information. None of this would have been possible without them.

Centerhill Cemetery Front Gate

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Centerhill Cemetery