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Centerhill Cemetery, Lee County, Mississippi

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Unmarked Burials

Known Unmarked Burials:

(These names were obtained from family members and friends.)

Mary Lou Ruff, (nee Berry) wife of Tom Henry Ruff (Information from Tommy Ruff, grandson)

Tom Henry Ruff, husband of Mary Lou Ruff, son of Abner Ruff, grandson of Martha Ann Ruff (Information from Tommy Ruff, grandson )

Lucille “Bettie” Ruff, died 1938, wife of Walter Ruff, daughter in law of Tom Henry and Lou Ruff (Information from Tommy Ruff, her son)

Mildred Ruff, died 1946, daughter of Walter and Lucille Ruff (Information from Tommy Ruff, her brother)

Sarah Hunter (Information from Sue Betts)

Lassie Bell Shumpert, wife of Jack Shumpert (Information from Sue Betts)

Nelson Estes, husband of Mattie Estes Jennings (Information from Sue Betts)

Mattie Estes Jennings, wife of Nelson Estes and Reverend Jennings(Information from Sue Betts)

Johnnie Estes Foster (Information from Sue Betts)

Jessie Ruff (b. 1902, d. 1948) wife of Albert Ruff (Information from Sue Betts)

Harry Foster (Information from Sue Betts)

Reuben Estes (Information from Sue Betts)

Alfred Smith (Information from Sue Betts)

Marietta Betts Smith, wife of Turner Smith, daughter of George and Julia Ruff Betts (Information from Sue Betts)

Turner Smith, husband of Marietta Betts Smith (Information from Sue Betts)

Dorothy Ann Traylor Harper, daughter of Phil and Doris Traylor (Information from Sue Betts)

Jettie Lou Childs, mother of Julia May Rice (Information from Sue Betts)

Jettie Mae Birmingham, sister of Marvin Birmingham (Information from Sue Betts)

Charlie Mack Logan, son of Louise Ruff Sykes (Information from Sue Betts)

Flora Jernigan (Information from Sue Betts)

Centerhill Cemetery