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Union Methodist Cemetery- African American

Union Cemetery (African American), Lee County, MS

Location: Lee County Road 1093, just north of MS Highway 6, in the Union Community, south of Plantersville, Lee County, Mississippi

Union African American Cemetery is located directly behind the Union Methodist Church and Cemetery which is on MS Highway 6 south of Plantersville, MS. The cemetery entrance is easily assessed from Lee County Road 1093 which turns off to the right just north of the church.

The cemetery is well maintained and easily reached from the paved road. The flowers that adorn so many of the graves show that it is a well visited and holds a deeply respected place in the community.

The oldest marked grave dates from 1875, but due to the age of the adjoining Caucasian cemetery, it is quite likely that individuals have been interred here since prior to the Civil War. One particularly interesting stone is that of Jack Mabry who lived to be 106 years of age.

There are several graves that are marked with concrete markers, funeral home markers, and wooden crosses that have no legible names. There are also several older stones which are badly eroded to the point where the names and dates are not readable. There also appear to be several unmarked graves which are apparent due to the depressions or mounding of the soil in areas without markers.

This is an honest attempt to record the cemetery as it is today.

(Transcribed by Jackie D. and Marjorie Hill Norris, with family notes provided by Sue Betts)


Union Cemetery